Double Major in Sociology and Criminology

The Sociology and Criminology department offers a double major in Sociology and Criminology. By drawing from the same required courses in statistics and research for both majors, this double major gives students the opportunity to specialize in two related fields and explore the disciplines of sociology and criminology in an efficient manner. The program provides excellent preparation for students considering careers and/or advanced study in areas such as criminology, sociology, criminal justice, law, law enforcement, public health, business, and social services. Double major typically requires more hours of coursework than a single major but our double majors are likely to still complete the requirements in four years.

If you are interested in pursuing a double major in Sociology and Criminology, please take some time to learn about Sociology and Criminology Double Major requirements and make an appointment with Dr. Lori Holyfield, Undergraduate Program Director. 

Lori Holyfield, Undergraduate Program Director
Lori C. Holyfield, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Program Director

To see how the double major works, please review the section titled Requirements for Criminology and Sociology Majors below:

Degree Plan for Sociology and Criminology 2018-2019